4G 2021

Congratulations on getting our New 2021 4G Waterproof GPS Tracker Phone Watch for kids Owl Cole!

  1. If the watch is On, please shut it down by long pressing the power button.
  2. Insert the sim card into the watch.  Make sure it’s NANO card (same size as the one used in iPhone). The SIM card must support 4G/3G/2G network and show callers ID. Push it all the way in using tweezers from the package, your nail or some other tool. It has to click in.
  3. Turn On the watch by long pressing the Power button.
  4. Download the APP SeTracker, SeTracker2 or CarePro+(our manufacturer’s app, has same features as SeTracker, but has no adds) for free from AppStore or Google Play Market.  You can scan  the QR code from the box for a quick access, download and install the application.
  5.  Register the app.

When the installation is completed, start to register your personal account.
Register code is the ID number of the watch ( the top sticker at the back of the watch, called REG CODE).

Please select your correct location, when registering. For example North America.

      6. Log in

When the registration is complete,  try to log in.

     7. Settings

  • Log in and find the setting, click the phone book and save the numbers you need.
  • The same goes for the other functions.
  • Set a SOS numbers(Mom/ Dad / Brother). By long pressing the SOS button the watch will start calling SOS numbers saved 1 by 1 till someone will answer. Please note, watch takes Voice mail as answered call. 
  • Only these numbers saved in phone book or contacts have the privilege to call the watch, when you enable Reject Strange Call feature from the app. We suggest to add baby’s friends too.
  • You should save the numbers in App, so the watch will be able to call these numbers.
  • Remember to click the save button.

    8. Calling

A: To call the phone.

1) Find the Contacts in the watch menu and click the number you need to call out.

2) To call the number directly select Phone in the watch menu.

3) Keep pressing the SOS key for few seconds to activate SOS.

4) Press the Red Button on the screen to cancel the call.

B: To call the watch, just dial the phone number associated with the sim inside the watch. You should save your number in the app by now.  Touch the Green button on the screen to answer, the Red Button to cancel the call.

    9. Location

1): Turn on the watch and make sure that it has signal bars.

2): Open the Map on the APP, click the location then it will show your baby’s real-time position.
NOTE: When the kids are indoors, it will locate the position via LBS. The deviation which is inevitable depends on the distance between the watch and the base station and other environmental factors. When the kids are outside, it will switch to GPS location automatically, it would be much more accurate, but it will change according to kids’ movement. Positioning deviation is inevitable, it can not be regard as quality issues. 

3) For more accurate location please Switch the WIFI ON on the watch Settings-More-WiFi ON.

Few points need to be confirmed about the SIM card

1: The SIM card must support 4G, 3G(WCDMA) or 2G(GSM) network.

2: Has 4G/3G/2G data base.

3: Can show callers ID.


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  1. What sim may I use for USA?

  For USA we suggest to use T-Mobile, Speedtalk GSM or AT&T prepaid(for AT&T please select Settings-Mobile Networks-APN-ATT Nextgenphone). . May not work with Sprint and Verizon.

 2. Would it work outside US?

Yes, once you insert local nano sim in the other country, IP address of the watch will jump to local.

Remember to register your application account selecting correct location. In addition select your APN from the watch Settings.

 3. I’ve just inserted the sim and the watch still asking to install the sim. 

After installing the sim remember to reboot the watch Settings-Reboot. Make sure that the sim has been installed correctly.

 4. I don’t get any signal bars. 

Sometimes it takes up to 72 hours for a watch to sync with the app ( depends on carrier).  Usually it happens right away. 

Your plan for a watch has to have Phone line, Data and mobile network access.

APN set up may be needed. You may set through the watch selecting Settings-Mobile Networks-APN -Select yours.

For AT&T please select Settings-More-Mobile Networks- APN- ATT Nextgenphone

If still no luck, maybe your sim is not compatible with the watch. Please contact us

5. Can’t connect the watch to the app, Says offline.

Please make sure, that the sim was installed correctly. Restart the watch Settings-Reboot. 

Set up the APN as in previous question. 

Turn the WIFI ON on the watch Settings-WiFi ON.

6. Can I set up the Time manually?

Yes, you can . Settings -More-Date &Time settings – Select automatic or set up manually.

7. May change the watch interface?

Yes, please press long the main clock on the screen and you will see more interfaces below(also slide). Press Set on the top.

8. may I set 12/24 Hour format?

Yes, selecting Settings-More-Date&Time settings-Use 24-hour format On or Off

9. May the other family members have video call with the watch?

You all know how to make a video call to the watch from your main application account(administrator). You’ve already registered your watch under your email. Now you would like the other family members to monitor your watch too, make video call etc.

So they need to download the application SeTracker/ SeTracker2/ CarePro+ to their cellphone and register new application account under their email selecting correct location and who they are to the child (father, grandmother etc). Later they need to register this watch too( scan the Reg code or insert the Reg code number manually). Now you will receive a notification from the app to authorize new family member. Confirm.

Your relative may now open the app using their login and password. Login. If newly added family members would like to make a video call to the watch, they need to do so from the app. If the watch is connected to network, the contact will be saved in the watch menu Video Call.

From now on the child may select whom he would like to video call to or have a family group chat. This way all the family members will receive an application notification-invitation to group video chat.

10. When do I need to activate Reject strange call feature?

You need to activate the feature if you like only the contact from the phone book to be able to call the watch.

You need to save the numbers in the phone book of the watch in format 2401112233(example). This way all the calls will go through, even with Reject strange call ON. If you will save the same number in format 240-111-22-33, the call will go through when Reject strange call OFF, but will be declined if this feature is ON from the app. If someone out of Phone book is calling your watch, you will receive application notification.